About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog where you will find .

My name is Cassandra Chin and I am a personal trainer, fascial stretch therapist and freelance writer.

I have previously wrote for YourHamiltonBiz, an online daily featuring everything and anything involved with businesses in Hamilton, On. Here you will find my works, from articles in newspapers and magazines, to my undergraduate thesis about cyber-steampunk feminism.

I love books, martial arts, running, lifting heavy things, knitting, sports, tea and the outdoors. I am a geek.

I have written for Rugby Canada, the Grand Forks Gazette, Snap! Mississauga, and Geek Speak magazine.

Cassandra Chin | Copyright © 2017 | All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sohail Naseer, Rotary Club of Milton says:

    Hi Cassandra, I am wondering if you still can do an article on Exchange Student of Rotary Club of Milton as you have done last year.
    Kindly respond and Thanks

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